Monday, April 2, 2012

Chrome Bounce Chapter One

All right everybody get ready 2 jump in your chrome rides and get you bounce on. 2day I'm bringing you 12 funk classics compiled myself, CLUMSY & DANNY TATTOO. Big thanx 2 the homie CLUMSY 4 doing all the leg work and putting the link 2gether!  Hope everybody enjoys this x-tra tight album!

In addition if you're in Cali & need a tattoo holler at DANNY TATTOO here:


01 Dayton - Love You Anyway ~ Danny Tattoo
02 Skyy - Call Me ~ G Man
03 Starbound - Party In The City ~ Clumsy
04 BHY - We Funk The Best ~ Danny Tattoo
05 Catch - Get On Freak ~ G Man
06 Wild sugar - Bring It Here ~ Clumsy
07 Wanda Walden - I Must Be Dreaming ~ Danny Tattoo 
08 Lamont Dozier - On The One ~ G Man
09 Freeez - Can't Keep My Love ~ Clumsy
10 Yasuko Agawa - LA Nights ~ Danny Tattoo
11 Magnum Force - What's Your Name ~ G Man
12 Xavier - Work That Sucker To Death ~ Clumsy

Post by G MAN
Link courtesy of CLUMSY
Tracks courtesy of CLUMSY, G MAN & DANNY TATTOO
Album cover by G MAN


  1. Nice cover G & collab Danny & Clumsy! Aww, we want the funk, give us that funk, lol, Thanks for the comp,

  2. G-MAN, DANNY, CLUMSY.. Thanks 4 droppN down tha FUNK, sweeet tracks and cover homies!

    - BrownBoy -

  3. Hell Yeah Homies,
    You vatos got down on this Comp..Love that FUNK homies...I am ready for Vol.2...The cover is off the hook G...Keep FUNK alive carnals...

    - P-Stylze -